Biography of the Stools:

I photograph two wooden sitting stools. Because of their worn and chipped character, they are surprisingly charming subjects to shoot. The stools are interesting to manipulate, like a sculpture or puzzle - unexpected, yet comfortable additions to almost any setting in which they are placed. The pictures are more than a juxtaposition of whimsical objects in front of various backdrops; the stools blend and participate in the existing environments they discover and explore.

The TwosTools Project™ is an ongoing quest to integrate these two seats within a wide variety of textures, colors, and perspectives. Using both natural and available light, the stools and I have investigated wide open spaces as well as the nooks and crannies of major cities, small towns, and diverse landscapes.

We have crisscrossed the United States from Key West to Seattle and from the San Diego to Bar Harbor. The stools’ overseas portfolio includes visits to Ireland, England and France. Time and travel have further developed the stools’ “character,” and now each is distinctly different from the other.

The project had a simple beginning. While living in Los Angeles in 1987 and stopping by a neighbor’s yard sale, two black stools sitting in the middle of the lawn immediately grabbed my attention. At first, these practical seats appeared nearly identical but, as a pair, they seemed to have personality and I inquired about their status. Without looking up, the neighbor replied, “Had them for years. It’s late in the day and no one’s gonna buy ’em, so please take them.” I instantly knew the stools would make great photographic subjects, and they have proven me right.

Thank you for your interest.

About Scott Friedlander, the photographer.