Biography of the Artist:

Drawing and painting since childhood, Scott Friedlander was formally trained in Advertising Design and Visual Communications at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. His career has included tenures as an Illustrator and Photographer, the Assistant Editor of a monthly magazine, the Art Director/Gallery and Exhibitions Coordinator for the Discovery Center Museum of Fort Lauderdale, and the Design Director/Production Manager for a New York comic and trade paperback publishing company.

Scott’s talents as a Graphic Designer and Production Artist personalize the creation of his printed TwosTools™ editions. He completes the color corrections and adjustments necessary for archival-quality digital output, using his keen eye and abilities to bring a high level of precision to this labor of love.

The artist currently lives in Brooklyn, New York with his wife.

Separate from The TwosTools Project, some of Scott Friedlander's jazz photography may be viewed on Flickr, as well as on Facebook, and at the All About Jazz website.

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